Shikakai Powder 100g

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Top op Shikakai Powder

We offer Shikakai powder is obtained from shelled nuts Shikakai, which in India are called "fruit for the hair". Contain a naturally mild pH and gently cleans hair without stripping it of natural fats.
Schikakai powder can be used to wash your hair when you have sensitive skin and prone to the occurrence of dandruff. In India, there is a perception that it affects hair growth and strengthens hair roots.
One of the provisions of doing mix one tablespoon of: Schikakai powder, amla powder, powder and powder Bhringraj Arith. Make a cup of hot, boiled water. Brew for 10 min. If you have problems with dandruff, you can add one teaspoon of powdered Neem. Once cooled, you can use potions to wash your hair, then rinse thoroughly. Since I tend Schikakai powder drying hair, so it should be used in the mixture.
The product can be stored up to one year in a dry place