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The word sattva means goodness, positivity, truth, health, cheerfulness, holistic view of the world, creativity, constructiveness, balance, certainty, peace, purity, inner need of Dharma and John (knowledge).

Patchouli has a very intense, specific, soothing, earthy smell. According to ancient Ayurvedic medicine, the smell of patchouli lifts energy and improves mood. Stimulates the nervous system and reduces stress. Incense patchouli are often used for Hindu rituals and meditation.

Incense is made of the essences of flowers, herbs, wood, plant resins and honey. Hand-rolled on bamboo.

This incense is hand-made with 400 years of tradition

It does not contain a synthetic odor, ingredients or petrochemicals.

Directions for use: Light incense with a small flame. Blow the flame. Incense will smolder for 60-70 minutes.