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Sattva natural herbal hair dye - Light blonde 150 g.

The packaging contains a composition of Ayurvedic herbs. Henna Sattva Ayurveda gently beaming her blond hair. Gray hair will add a natural color from blond blonde to blonde with a gentle red glow. Bright blonde paint is not recommended for dark hair. Henna Swati Ayurveda will make your hair thicker, shiny and resistant to external factors. Henna deeply nourishes the hair structure. The product can be used by pregnant women.

NOTE: The color matures for 48 hours, so the final color of henna use will be obtained after 48 hours of application. Until then, do not wash your hair with shampoo.

How to use: Wash your hair with shampoo (without silicones). Mix the amount of powder with lukewarm water at about 50 ° C to create a smooth paste. Leave hen for 30 minutes. Put on protective gloves to protect your hands from staining. Divide the hair into four sections, apply the paste thoroughly from the root to the ends in each section. Wrap the head with foil and put on a towel to keep the right temperature. Leave on the hair for 2-3 hours. Wash henna with warm water.

Ingredients: Cassia Obovata, Matricaria Chamomilia, Tagetes, Cassia Fistula, Emblica Officinalis, Azadirachta Indica.

Shelf life: 10/2020

In addition, the package contains: Two pairs of gloves, two plastic caps and a brush ready for use

Manufactured in India.

The product is not tested on animals.