Pepper Sev 125g Mani Mark

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Pepper Sev 125g Mani Mark- made from gram flour is a traditional indian long sticks that are crunchy and savoury in taste. 

Pepper Sev Mani Mark


Pepper Sev made from flours andn spices. Delicious South Indian snack to eat anytime anywhere.



Ingredients:  Gram flour, Rice flour, Turmeric, Edible vegetable oil, Spices and Condiments & Salt.




-The perfect delicacy for any occasion!

- A delicious and healthy snack that gives you instant energy!

-Made of the highest quality ingredients




weight: 125g



Nutrition Facts (per 100g):

Energy - 5.91 kcal

Carbohydrates - 37.9 g

Protein - 13.6 g

Total fat - 42.5 g

Total sugar - 6.4 g