Patanjali Cumin Seeds (Jeera whole)

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Patanjali Cumin Seeds (Jeera whole), 100g

Cumin or cumin seeds are tiny seeds with boat shaped tapering at each point with a tiny stalk, hairy and brown in color. Cumin seeds are aromatic spice with a
distinctive bitter flavor and strong, warm aroma due to its abundant oil content. Cumin seed has striped pattern of nine ridges and oil canals. Cumin seeds are
a popular ingredient in Middle Eastern, Asian, Mediterranean and Mexican cuisines. Cumin seeds are used as main ingredient of most Curry Powder
and many savory spice Navratan Mixture , and are used in stews, grills – especially lamb – and chicken dishes. They are also used in making Pulao or plain cumin rice. Cumin
seeds are one of the important spices in five spice mixture, “ Panch Phoron .

Cumin seeds  (Jeera whole) has a strong aromatic lingering flavour. Cumin, either whole or ground, features in most Indian savoury mixtures and curry seasonings and is also an important ingredient of Garam Masala.

Storage: To retain freshness and flavour store in an airtight container, in a cool dry place.