Jaipur Mukhwas (Mouth Freshener) 200G Little India

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Jaipur Mukhwas Little India


Jaipur Mukhwas is a mouth freshener which is made from aniseeds, sugar pills, arica nuts and mentol and is all time favorite and appreciated for its rich taste.

Munch on a teaspoon of Jaipur Mukhwas from Little India to refresh your breath and enhance the production of saliva.




Ingredients: Sugar, Aniseeds, Arica Nuts, Colored Sugar Pills, Coriander seed, Ramdana, Excipients, Turmeric, Vegetable oil, Menthol, Sucralose


Allergy alert: made in facility that process penuts ,treenuts, wheat, soy and milk.



weight: 200g