Incense Stick (Agarbatti) 125g Mysore Sandal

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Incense Stick (Agarbatti) Mysore Sandal


Sandalwood is known for its divine fragrance and captivating essence since ages. Mysore Sandal Agarbathis brings home the divinity of pure Mysore Sandalwood in the form of incense sticks. Blended with the extracts of sandalwood oil, rolled to get the best incense sticks for any purpose, any occasion. Sandal is considered to be a sacred tree and its fragrance hence is divine as well.



The value of incense sticks has been known in the Indian tradition since the time of the Gautama Buddha in ancient India. Since ancient times, Sandalwood (Sanskrit: Chandan) has been considered sacred in India. Due to its pleasant scent, Sandalwood is a traditional choice for every household. It is widely used in homes and offices for its calming and positive aroma.



• make meditation more pleasant,

• They cleanse the surroundings and give it a pleasant scent,

• They give prayer a unique power,

• Loved by everyone,

• They give moments of respite in the busy lives of each of us,

• They calm down and soothe the mind,

• They bring peace to your home,

• They facilitate relaxation and restful sleep.




weight: 125g