Elaichi Adrak (Cardamom Ginger) Loose Tea 250g Society

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 Society Elachi Adrak Tea- The aroma of cardamom mixed with the warm taste of ginger makes for a delicious drink.

Elaichi Adrak (Cardamom Ginger) Flavoured Tea Society


Society Elaich - Adrak Tea is completed of most excellent Assam tea leaf. Society tea is known for its superior taste, free from adulterants, wealthy aroma and flavour. The ultimate tea leaves used in the product are compressed, warped and curled, to make clean and stimulating tea.




Ingredients: CTC Leaf Tea, Elaichi (Kardamom), Adrak (Ginger)




Preparation proposal (Indian Chai):

Boil 100ml of water in a pot, add a teaspoon of Society Tea and boil for a few minutes. Add sugar and milk, cook for another few minutes. Serve your drink hot.




weight: 250g