Cornflour 500g Heera

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Cornflour, or cornstarch  is the finely powdered white starch extracted from maize kernels, which are soaked and ground to separate the germ from the bran. It is virtually tasteless and is used as a thickening agent. It cuts down the need for fat as, unlike other flours, it blends to a smooth cream with liquid.

The Cornflour (maize flour) is rich in protein, vitamin B6, magnesium and omega 6 oils. It is beneficial for optimal bowel functions and can fight against infections. In some parts of the world, the maize flour is used for the eradication of malnutrition.

Nutritution Information
Typical values for 100g
Energy 1453kj/347kcal
Protein 0.1g
Carbohyderate 88.0g
Fat 0.2g
 of which saturates 0.0g
Sugar 0.0g
Sodium 0.0g