Complan Chocolate 450g

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The Complete Planned Milk Drink is a premium health beverage fortified with 34 vital nutrients in balanced proportion. Complan contains 100% Milk Protein to help children maximize their growth potential. Complan is an expert in the nutrition and health category and its formulation is designed as per Indian RDA. Complan has 16% milk protein, which is critical for child growth. All the protein is Milk Protein (100% Milk protein), which is one of the best protein for growth.

Additionally Complan provides over 30% RDA of key growth nutrients such as: calcium, iron, vitamin A as per ICMR recommendations in 2 servings. Complan is thus scientifically designed to uniquely contribute to the growing needs of children through a blend of high quality milk protein, alongside essential vitamins and minerals making Complan a completely planned milk drink.