Ahmed Punjabi Yakhni Pulao Masala 65g

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Ahmed Punjabi Yakhni Pulao Masala

Ahmed Punjabi Yakhni Pulao Masala


Punjabi Yakhni Pulao is a popular kind and can easily be made at home with the Ahmed Punjabi Yakhni Pulao Masala special spice mix. The Ahmed Punjabi Yakhni Pulao Masala special spice mix saves the time you would otherwise need to identify and ready these ingredients for cooking.


weight: 65g


Yakhni Pullao

(Serves 6 to 8)


Meat (chicken/Mutton/Beef) 1 KG
Basmati Rice 1 KG / 4 cups
Ginger (Paste) 1 Tbsp
Garlic (Paste) 1 Tbsp
Yoghurt 4 Tbsp
Green chillies (Whole) 4 Nos.
Onion Sliced (Medium Size) 4 Nos.
Salt As required
Oil / ghee 1 Cup / 250 ml
AHMED Yakhni Pullao Masala 75g


Cooking Procedure:

  1. Put meat in a pan with 6 glass of water and AHMED yakhni pullao Masala tied in a bag & cook on low flame.
  2. When water is reduced to approximately 3 glasses and meat become tender, separate the meat, strain the yakhni & keep it a side.
  3. In another pan heat a oil/ghee and fry the onion till golden brown.
  4. Separate half of the onion on paper and add ginger, garlic green chilies, meat, yogurt with rest of onion & stir.
  5. Then add yakhni and bring to boil. Add rice (which is already soak in water for 15-20 minutes) and salt and cover the pan.
  6. When the water drips up sprinkle the rest of the fried onions let simmer the rice on low flamer for 10-15 minutes.

Yakhni pullao is ready. Serve with salad and raita.


For Milder Hotness:

For those who take mild chilies & salt, half the quantity of the given recipe spices can be used. Salt may be to the requirement.