Ahmed Mixed Fruit Custard 300g

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Ahmed Mixed Fruit Custard 

Ahmed Mixed Fruit Custard


Ahmed Foods Mix fruit Custard Powder can be used to quickly prepare a delicious mix of fruit flavoured custard. The custard prepared using the custard powder is also great for eating separately as a cold dessert, much like ice cream or frozen yoghurt. Simply add milk and sugar into our custard powder to create a delicious dessert. This is delightful custard powder. Try it on any event or festival.


weight: 300g


Ingredients: corn flour, salt, natural identical flavour & permitted food colours tartrazine (E-102) F.D & C. yellow no.5 and sunset yellow (E-110) F.D & C yellow no. 6 and Allura Red (E-129) F.D & C. Red no. 40