Annam Jaggery Powder White 500g

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Best before :05/2022

Annam offers good quality Organic Jaggery Powder that is used for adding sweet taste and natural flavor to variety of recipes and dishes. Jaggery Powder is 100% natural that is extracted from sugar factory. High nutritional value and freshness are the chief characteristics of jaggery available with us. In addition to this, we provide availability of Jaggery Powder in different packing and quantities as per preferences of customers.

Widely used as an alternative to sugar and other sweetener, Jaggery Powder is a healthy option for those who wants to keep a tab over their health but still cannot avoid sweets. Prepared by natural means, our Jaggery Powder is derived from the high quality jaggery. Organic Jaggery Powder is made by concentrating the wholesome richness of sugarcane juice after removing the impurities from the resulting syrup, The nutrients of the natural sugarcane juice make it a healthy and natural sweetener.